Just My Crazy, Busy Life!

Don’t you just love how I promise to blog about all the things that make me happy in life… and then I stop blogging all together?  LOL!  Yeah, it’s not that I ran out of “Happy Thoughts” already, it just ended up being a crazy busy week!  Thursday night I worked late and then went out to Rookies for Karaoke afterwards with a bunch of friends.  I had a blast, enjoyed a few drinks, made some new friends and listened to some crazy girl in a blonde bob wig sing about 8 songs.  She was not good… no, not good at all!  Friday I went to Silver Bells in the City with a big group of friends, unfortunately the parade was pretty lame, mostly just a bunch of U-Haul trailers with lights on them.  The thing that made the night all worth while was that our group randomly started the countdown to the tree lightning and got to laugh at everyone when we got down to “one” and the tree didn’t light.  When the actual countdown began, people didn’t know whether to believe it or not.  Fun times!  After the tree lighting, we went out to Bennigan’s for dinner and than over to a Jesse’s house for a bonfire.  Saturday night, I went to church at Riverview.  Noel Heikkinen spoke and the message was incredible (you can download it at  http://www.eriv.net/feeds/podcast/).  After church my friend Andrew had a party.  This was not just any party, it included a boxing match between our friend Rodney and some punk he works with!  Rodney rocks!  There we probably 50 people standing in a ring out in their backyard, with the fight going on in the middle.  I was so sure that the cops were going to suddenly appear and break the party up!  Sunday afternoon I had a bridal shower for my niece.  It went really well (other than a couple of extremely rude comments from people about the fact that I’m 30 and still single)… Sunday night we had Merge at church and watched and reviewed some short films.  They were pretty weird!  Afterwards we went to Crunchy’s for our usual Sunday night ritual.  Fun as always! Anyway, that was my extremely busy weekend!  Lots of fun times were had!  I’ll get back to my regular blogging soon!


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