My Not-So-Restful Night (follow-up to “Grounded”)

So much for that idea!  I really tried to go to bed early last night.  I shut down the computer at about 10:15 pm and went through my usual nightly routine of getting ready for bed.  I was actually in bed, laying down no later than 10:45 pm.  But I just laid there… and laid there.  Sleep would not come!  I wanted more than anything to get back on the computer, or even just turn the TV on, or read a book… ANYTHING besides just lay there tossing and turning!  I was a good girl though, and continued to lay there.  The last time I remember looking at the clock, it was a little after 1:00 am.  I eventually drifted off, but awoke periodically throughout the night, each time agonizing over the fact that I was not allowed to get online!  I did actually manage to sleep until my alarm went off at 8:00 am though, which is a rare occurrence.   And the first thing I did this morning was slide my laptop out from under the bed and press that blessed power button.  Ahhh… all is well with the world once again!


One thought on “My Not-So-Restful Night (follow-up to “Grounded”)

  1. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up cooking. I made a cranberry cream cheese pie, sweet potato casserole, cocoa-dusted fudge balls with walnuts, and baked tilapia with dill sauce. After that I was still wide awake, so I caught up on a few tv shows. I didn’t end up falling asleep until well after 5:30 am. I’m completely messed up.

    I have read that when one suffers from insomnia, the worst thing you could possibly do is lie awake in bed. This has been confirmed by my therapist.

    It’s probably not helpful that I sleep with my laptop by my pillow, but that’s an entirely different story. Hope you catch up on rest, and I’ll see you soon!

    (P.S. How do you like WordPress? Is it better than Blogger?)

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