My Little Black Dress



Oh, I’m feeling awfully blessed today!  I’ve been needing to buy a new dress for my nieces wedding that is coming up next month.  It’s an evening wedding and it’s right before Christmas, so it will be a little more formal than usual.  Everything that I’ve found thus far that I actually liked was way out of my price range.  Today I just randomly decided to stop by Kohl’s and I found a dress that was exactly what I was looking for AND it was on sale.  It was originally almost $100, marked down to $50 something, and then my sister had a coupon that she let me use and so I got the dress for about $35!  Woo Hoo!  It is super duper cute!  It’s a little black dress (surprise-surprise), it comes down just past my knees, it’s sleeveless, with wide straps.  My favorite thing about it is a little silver bow that goes around the waist!  Sooo cute!  Anyway, I’m really excited about it and just felt the need to share it with you!  And for those of you who might actually know what this means… it is Simply Vera, by Vera Wang!


BTW, for any of you who might be wondering… the picture is neither of me, nor the actual dress I bought!  ;o)


2 thoughts on “My Little Black Dress

  1. yay for perfect dresses. Wow, i can’t believe your niece is getting married! I remember thinking how young they were back in our cali. days…crazy! Vera Wang rocks my world…that is awesome that she has a new line for those of us who can’t afford gowns for thousands of dollars. I knew she had a bedding line out through Kohls and am excited that she has a fashion line too…I’ll have to check it out! Maybe i can find the same dress for my upcoming Christmas party with the bingo girls! 🙂

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