My Moral Dilemma

As usual, I’m going to be extremely vague in order to protect the identities of everyone involved.

Recently, I was in the company of some friends who appear to have had a serious lapse in judgement.  They did something that was both illegal and immoral.  Several other people who were present but were not necessarily “involved” did not feel any moral obligation to say or do anything to stop it from happening.  This was extremely frustrating, and heart breaking for me.  How can you just stand by and let the people you care about make big mistakes without at least saying something to try to stop it?  I certainly could not!  I made a point of expressing my displeasure as did one other person, and between the two of us we did what we could to rectify the situation.  I am angry with these people for doing what they did, but even more so I am upset that they would put the rest of us in a compromising situation.  We were unwillingly put in the position where we either had to just let it go, essentially making us accomplices to their actions and appearing as if we were condoning their behavior, or we had to take the responsibility for their actions and do what we could to make it right which is what we eventually chose to do.  How can people not be angered by sin, how can they just sit back and watch it happen and do nothing?  I can’t comprehend this!  I don’t know where to go from here.  Is it my job to try to convict people of their wrong doing?  If so, how do I go about doing that?  I can’t change their hearts, only God can.  I can only speak the truth to them, and hope that it sinks in.


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