Pray For The Ostman’s!

Lance and Laura Ostman are dear friends of mine who are missionaries in the Philippines.  The following is a letter that Lance wrote this evening.  Please read it and pray!  If you would like to know more about them and their ministry, you can have a look at their blog  



One NEVER knows what a day may bring! It all happened so suddenly that we didn’t even have time to write an update asking you to pray!

However, GOD had everything under control and we have nothing to worry about.Over the past 2 weeks, Laura has been having some health problems that came to a head Saturday night. We will avoid the graphic details in this update but suffice it to say, we were SCARED!We opened the computer on Sunday morning looking for the pilot to come online so we could send an instant message. Their internet had been down and it came back on as they were literally on their way out the door to spend the day in a city 60 miles away.The pilot said that “emergency flights take priority” and he would be on his way as soon as possible. We were so grateful!After a smooth flight and trip to the hospital we were in the emergency room by 11 and an IV with medicine to stop the bleeding was administered. An untrasound was done late afternoon and surgery (D&C) scheduled for 8:00 Monday morning.The surgery went ok – Laura remembers saying that she was in some pain so they put her all the way out for the remainder of the operation. The doctor said it went well and they will send away for a biopsy. We’ll get the results in 1-2 weeks.Laura was discharged Tuesday and the doctor said we can return to the village on Friday.In the days before email and instant messaging all this would have been done and over with and word would get to you several weeks later! God is not surprised and we can trust him no matter what. Isn’t it great to know that we’re in HIS caring hands!We find it interesting that we are both having health issues as we try and finish up the New Testament translation! Please pray with us as we work to that end.Secure in His love,Lance & Laura


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