To Blog, Or Not To Blog…

Lately I’ve been contemplating the purpose of this blog.  I feel like it lacks a direction, a focus.  More often than not, if I post something it is either a prayer request or some bit of factual information that I need to share with others.  It is rarely personal.  I don’t feel like I really have that much of interest going on to just share stories from my life.  I occasionally try to write about my thoughts and feelings, but that always seems to get complicated because I’m way too private, and therefore I tend to be incredibly vague in what I share.  This constantly leads others to question me, or to at least wonder behind my back exactly what or who I am referring to.  On one hand I have this strong desire to just pour my heart out, and yet on the other hand I have an even stronger need to protect myself, my thoughts, my privacy.   I envy my friends who have interesting blogs.  I have friends who are amazing writers and thinkers and everything they write about is brilliant and witty.  Others are fearless and so willing to be vulnerable, they will pull you right into their core and allow you to experience exactly what they are going through.  And still others just have the most exciting lives and always have a fun new adventure to write about.  I wonder what it is that I have to say that people would want to read about?  I think I had better figure that out quick, otherwise I’m probably just wasting my time.


2 thoughts on “To Blog, Or Not To Blog…

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I feel as if I could have written what you just wrote.

    But the blogs I like to read most are the ones that detail people’s everyday lives and the minutiae of which they are made up. Not the ones that sound like someone’s trying to be clever, with dense paragraphs of facts and words about what someone think about some book or article.

    There’s something comforting about the details of everyday life, especially when you find things that show you you’re not the only one who does things like that, or thinks that way about something.

    That’s why I like coming across blogs like yours.

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