Anxiously Awaiting

I have less than one week left at my salon.  I’ve been planning the move for almost a month and it feels like the day will never arrive.  I’m so excited to just move on and get started with things, and yet I’m definitely a little nervous!  I’ve always been one to enjoy a new challenge, but that doesn’t mean it comes without fear!  I worry that I will lose clients in the move, there are several people that I don’t know how to get in touch with.  I also worry about getting to know people and getting connected at the new salon.  I don’t know why I worry about these things.  Every single client that I have talked to is excited for me and can’t wait to see the new place.  I already have two friends at the salon, and I don’t usually have a problem with making new friends.  So what am I worried about?  Mostly, I’m just really, really excited!  I go back and forth daily between excitement and terror!  Right now, I’m just trying hard to focus on the present!  I’ve just got to get through the next week!


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