A Walking Infomercial

I am a walking infomercial, or so my friends have told me. If I like it, if I believe in it, you’re probably gonna hear about it. I get very passionate about the things I care about, and it makes me want YOU to care about them too! I am usually quite convincing, or so I’m told. I can sell you on just about anything, and the great thing about it is that people usually end up loving whatever it is just as much as I do! Whether it be a movie I loved, a band or a book I enjoy. It could be a new hair product, a new restaurant, or a kind of chewing gum. It doesn’t really matter what it is, how big or how small, I’m gonna tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about it. Last night, some of my friends got a taste of this when I began talking with a fellow hairstylist about a new hair color product I’ve recently begun using in my salon. Even now as I write I have to hold myself back from sharing all the advantages of the new Rusk Deepshine color line. I have to remind myself that 95% percent of you will have no idea what I’m talking about… and even less of you will actually care! But at church this weekend the speaker said something along the lines of “when you share something you love, something you are really passionate about, it allows you to take more ownership of it.” I realized that when I “sell” something to someone else, it actually makes ME love it more in the process! So the question that came to my mind is this… why aren’t I “selling” JESUS more?


One thought on “A Walking Infomercial

  1. I ALWAYS love to hear about new shampoo! Not to say that is more important than Jesus. But good shampoo can really rock my world! Sorry about the insomnia. I went through that a couple of years ago, not fun at all. Only good thing…it eventually passes!

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