Sometimes people really surprise me! Just when you think you know them, think you can predict them, they go and say/do something that completely blows you away! Sometimes this is a bad thing, fortunately for me… this time it was good! I’ve been dreading have a conversation with someone, because I had already made assumptions about what they must be thinking and how they must feel. Boy was I wrong! This afternoon I had one of those conversations that make you think, do I really even know this person… and TRUST ME… I DO! I’ve been putting if off, and was debating just how much longer I could continue to put it off, when I saw this person today. I immediately felt the conviction that I needed to just say it now! I went for it and as I said… I was blown away! Anyway, the conversation went so much better, and in a TOTALLY different direction, than I expected! I am so thankful that I finally did it, and wish now that I would have just done it sooner, so I wouldn’t have spent all this time worrying!


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