“Superdad”: He Thinks He’s Invincible (despite all evidence to the contrary)!!!

So, my dad ended up coming home on Friday rather than today.  He had his blood test on Thursday and they decided that he was well enough to go home.  They arrived home sometime yesterday evening.  Today I decided to I stop by after work to inspect him, have a look and make sure he was still in one piece. I pulled up to the house, and to my surprise… there he was riding the lawnmower around the yard!  I was a little concerned to say the least… seems a little sudden to hop from your death bed to the riding lawnmower… but whatever, what do I know?  Anyway, I’m just glad he was even feeling well enough to do it!  I think that his current prayer need is just that he won’t overdo it!  Pray that he will develop a very intimate relationship with the recliner chair in their living room this week!


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