Pray For My Dad!

Please pray for my father, Frank Luter.  On Thursday he was taken to the hospital after having what he thought was a heart attack.  He has had ongoing heart problems and has a pace maker, so this was a very legitimate concern.  The tests showed nothing, so they sent him home.  On Saturday he was rushed back to the hospital, this time they thought it might be a stroke.  At this point, tests have been somewhat inconclusive.  He has significant short term memory loss and has a loss of function in his hands and feet.  He is being kept for observation for the next several days for which I am very thankful.  We were worried that they would rush to release him again.  My parents are vacationing up in the U.P. so they are at the Sault Saint Marie Hospital, and he is not being seen by any of his regular doctors. THey have already seen some improvements in his condition, but pray for his continued healing.   Please pray for wisdom for the doctors that they will figure out what the problem is and will know how to treat it.  Pray also for my mother, that she will have the physical and emotional stamina to get through this.


2 thoughts on “Pray For My Dad!

  1. I will pray for all of you. The waiting and the questions can realy take its toll. Take it all in, the thoughts, the memories, the regrets so that when he gets better you remember to take that extra 5 minutes to listen to dad ramble 🙂

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