My Wonderfully Lazy Summer Day

I was supposed to work all day today but due to some scheduling mishaps, and a rude client who forgot to call and cancel her appointment, I got the afternoon off!  I stopped to wash my car and get gas on the way home and spent less than $50 on a full tank, I was pleased!  I was home by 12:30 pm and have just been relaxing since then.  I chatted with a long-distance friend for while and then I sat outside in the sun and read a few chapters in my book… I think I may have gotten a little more pink than tan, despite the 15 SPF sunscreen.  I’ve got three more hours entirely to myself, and I hope that they  go by slowly!  I might just take a nap, or maybe pop in a movie!  It’s so nice to have free time, I’m actually starting to enjoy it again!  Later tonight I am having dinner with an old friend that I haven’t seen in close to ten years.  I’ve know her since I was in 7th grade, but we lost touch in college.  I’m excited to see her and get caught up on life!  We have lots of years to cover, and plenty of old memories to rehash.  I’m sure that will give me some more interesting blog fodder!


3 thoughts on “My Wonderfully Lazy Summer Day

  1. hey girl! love the new blog layout…if you can give me a list of why wordpress is better than blogger, i just might consider it! is it easy to switch *EVERYTHING* over? i have two years worth….
    so i recognize where you got the title of your blog from 😉 love that movie…did we watch it together? all about those “quotey” movies!
    i am so jealous you got to see Wicked! i wish, wish, wish! (did i get that book for your birthday or Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister…if it is the latter, did you like it? i thoroughly enjoy his creative style of writing. refreshing to see someone original out there.)
    well, this comment is totally long 🙂
    i miss you tons and i’ve been thinking of you. sorry about what you talked about in your secrets, lies and broken hearts entry. totally stinks, and i hope you start seeing the sunshine through the clouds.
    love ya girl! (how many times can i say “totally” in one comment!?!?

  2. Well, let me think… what is better about WordPress… hmmm… EVERYTHING! Seriously, it is so much easier to use. There are a lot more options as far as the layouts go (much better options), and just in general you have a lot more control as far as how your page looks and functions. And importing your Blogger posts into it will be a cinch! It basically takes the click of a button and it’s done! If you decide to do it, let me know and I can talk you through it if you need it, though I doubt you will!
    You bought me Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister. I really enjoyed the story. It was a little hard to get into initially, but once I did, it was fun.
    Miss you too! Everything is actually going very well here, don’t worry too much about me! I’ll call you soon with an update!

  3. Sounds like a truly wonderful day. I’m glad that you experienced it! We all need days like this…we deserve it. God made them for a reason!! Good to see ya in church today! Have a great week!

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