Secrets, Lies, and Broken Hearts

Someone is spreading lies about me, and someone is telling my secrets. Only a few weeks ago, that someone was telling me that he loved me. How do things change so quickly?

I recently ended a relationship. We were at very different places in life, both looking for different things. He didn’t see it that way. We never seemed to see it the same way. That was the problem. I tried for such a long time to make it work. I tried for much longer than I even wanted to try, just to say that I did. I wanted to make sure that I did everything I possibly could, so that if and when it had to end, I would never have a reason to say “what if” or “if only”. I tried everything, there is not one single thing more I could have done.

I’ve had nothing but good things to say about him since then. Anytime anyone has had something negative to say, I have stood up for him and told them what a great guy he was and how he treated me so well. It just didn’t work out. Sometimes that just the way it is.

Why do people have to resort to hurting each other? I tried to be friendly about this, but he wants nothing to do with me. We were best friends for over two years, and now we are nothing! It makes me sad that I have lost my friend. It makes me sad that he is so hurt and angry that he has to lash out and make certain that I am hurting too. I’m sorry that I broke his heart, I hope it makes him feel just a little bit better to know that mine is breaking too.


One thought on “Secrets, Lies, and Broken Hearts

  1. chin up girl. that’s the only way he knows how to cope with it. you can’t control his reactions. this should just be even more of a sign that you shouldn’t be with him. become like me, numb to all emotions and bitter towards guys. hahah, kidding. dont.

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