Tales From An Insomniac

I’m tired… very tired! It seems that I’m always tired lately, and yet I never seem to sleep. Lately, whenever I can’t sleep at night I get on my trusty little mac powerbook and spend hours reading news reports, IMing, writing e-mails, and on Myspace and/or Facebook. It definitely gives me something to do to keep my mind off the fact that I’m not sleeping, but I’m also starting to wonder if it has just becoming an excuse not to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle. I can’t sleep so I get online, or is it that I get online so I don’t sleep. I’m not sure! I’ve had sleeping problems for all of my adult life and probably even before that, but sometimes I think I further aggravate the problem by just assuming that I won’t sleep and occupying myself with other activities instead. This is my current predicament! If you catch me blogging and writing messages in the middle of the night, you definitely have permission to call me out on it! I do need to sleep occasionally and sometimes need a reminder! Well, I’m actually going to try to go to bed now! Wish me luck, and sweet dreams!


One thought on “Tales From An Insomniac

  1. I will for ya that your sleep problems will be resolved. I am a nite person and so sometime I dont get tired when I need to go to sleep on a work nite..so once in awhile I take excedrin pm.

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