I am seriously stressed out today. All afternoon and evening I’ve been trying desperately to stay calm, and avoid a panic attack or better yet, a temper tantrum!

Sunday night on the way home from church my car pooped out on me. Monday morning I took it in to the shop to have it fixed. They weren’t able to even look at it until this morning (Tuesday) when I was informed that my poor car is in need of $1,200 worth of repairs. My clutch is totally shot which costs about $800 to replace and then there is approximately $400 in other “minor” miscellaneous engine repairs. And to make matters worse, they won’t even be able to get the parts in until Thursday and so I may not have the car back until Friday!

Fortunately for me, my parents have quite generously offered me the use of their car for the time being, so that I will be able to get back and forth to work.

***Don’t worry, I’ve done my research. I’m not getting completely screwed over! I actually know the owner of the auto repair shop, he’s one of my clients.***


3 thoughts on “STRESS!!!

  1. JJJJJUUUUUULLLLEEEEENNNNNNNN! i am SO glad that you have become a blogging queen…well, maybe a princess, you’ll get there! ha! i have a hard time keeping up to date on mine with the little one, but i will get some new posts up soon! i will have to add you to my friends’ links on my blog!
    sorry to hear about your car…is this the same one you bought right when you left cali. because of the accident that happened like the day before? glad you know the guy who is going to fix it…that is a big plus these days when it seems like everyone tries to take advantage.
    love your haircut…must see updated picks. wish you could rehighlight my hair…got it done in houston (you know how i get my hair cut once every two years and highlighted once every five? he he he.) they went wwwaaayyyyy california on me, but i guess i am used to it now. except for these horrendous roots.
    we need to chat SOON. there is so much to catch up on…especially what has been going on with you. let’s talk soon
    love and miss ya!

  2. Doesn’t it always seem like just when you start to catch up something random like a car breaks down or your mattress needs to be replaced or your hot water heater explodes in the basement? (To name a few :o) I could use a hairstyling too–how about you become a travelling beautician; you have friends who live in some pretty nice places, it’d be like an endless vacation . . . of course, you’d have to get that car fixed :o)

  3. I’ll definitely have to look into this traveling hairstylist thing. It sounds nice and all, but I don’t know how practical it would be! Unfortunately, due to my car expenses, I don’t know if I’ll be doing much travel this summer!

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