Tribute To Shannon

My friend Shannon is moving away this week and I’m so terribly bummed! Why is it that just as soon as you meet someone you really like, they up and leave? This is my little tribute to my friend whom I will miss!

1. Shannon is the only girl I know who likes the Detroit Tigers as much as I do AND we own matching jerseys! ;o) Our group just loves it when we get on a roll talking about those Tigers!

2. She cracks me up when she talks all smart about her… uh… what is it that you do? After all this time, I will still never completely understand your work! I know there are numbers involved and that is where all the confusion sets in!

3. She is as obsessed with Myspace/Facebook as I am… actually, I blame her entirely for my addiction! Hopefully when she has a real job out in Appleton she will still find time to screw around online all day!

Shannon, you’re an awesome girl! I will miss you a ton! Best of luck in all you do!


2 thoughts on “Tribute To Shannon

  1. ok, i can TOTALLY fill the tigers void. By they way, they LOST AGAIN last night. I’m not happy, and neither was Pudge when he threw his helmet off.

    Lets plan for a game.

    And, I can fill the myspace and facebook obsession void too. i have WAY to much time on my hands at work.

  2. RK-you just might be my new favorite person! Yeah, Tigers aren’t making me so happy these days, but we’ll have to get to a game soon.

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